Camera Tips

Thank you for your interest in our Camera Tips. We enjoy the details from behind the camera and in our digital darkroom.

We hope to help you take and process better photos. We enjoy capturing experiences together and learning about photography and post-processing to create beautiful photos to have as treasured memories.

What will be covered:

camera + lenses

camera setting + lens info

gear/accessories to add to your bag

post-processing software/techniques

Please take a look at our information in the Collection:

Camera Settings:

A Look at Camera Settings

Light in the Night:

Capturing Fireworks

Thank you for stopping by and reading our Camera Tips and please return for other information we will add.

THANK YOU so much for stopping by to read about The Mr and The Mrs (and The Little Darlings) camera tips. We hope this was helpful for you and we hope your journey behind the lens is full of  learning and growth! Have a wonderful day!

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