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Thank you for dropping by where The Mr and The Mrs share their southern view behind the lens.

The Mr and The Mrs (and The Children) enjoy capturing experiences together and sharing with others. Their experiences come from their everyday life as a family in their walk with God, and often, they capture those experiences and time together through the lens.

Thank you for joining The Mr and The Mrs on their photography journey.Thank you for reading about The Mr. Please enjoy reading about The Mr’s career, his camera, and his life at home.

About The Mr

The Mr is a businessman who travels within North America to the United States and Internationally.

His Camera

The Mr shoots with a Nikon j1 mirrorless camera. He likes the j1 as it fits well in his travel suitcase and bags. While on business trips, he enjoys taking his camera and exploring the area he has traveled to and bringing those memories home to share with The Mrs and the Little Darlings.

Life For The Mr

When The Mr is not traveling, he enjoys spending time with The Mrs and their Little Darlings as well as friends. He enjoys reading, cooking or baking in the kitchen, and playing his trombone in the church orchestra. He often brings his latest recipe to Sunday School at church on Sundays for the class members to enjoy and give their opinion.

Thank you for reading about The Mr.

Thank you for reading about The Mrs. Please enjoy reading about The Mrs career, her camera, and her life at home.

About The Mrs

The Mrs is a pediatric nurse by calling. She felt she was being called to Pediatrics at a young age and wanted to help children through their everyday life.

Her Camera

The Mrs shoots with a Nikon df full frame camera. She keeps her camera out in the home for capturing the details of life and often carries it when she is out with the family. She enjoys chasing natural light and capturing everyday moments that so often pass by to have to look back on.

Life For The Mrs

When she is not working as a nurse, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She enjoys reading, sewing, and time with The Mr and the Little Darlings. She enjoys playing violin in the orchestra at their church and helps friends with a new camera take better photos.

Thank you for reading about The Mrs.

THANK YOU so much for stopping by to read about The Mr and The Mrs photography journey. We hope you learned a little about us and what wonderful things we will share on The Mr and The Mrs.

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