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The Mr and The Mrs are often asked about our photography journey by others. Read the Q&A below about us and our photography.

When did your inspiration through the lens begin?

We began taking photos before we married of time together and that never has stopped. We still take photos of our family whether at home or traveling. We began with a Kodak Advantix and currently shoot with a Nikon df (The Mrs) and j1 (The Mr).

How would you describe your photography style?

We love to capture the deep details of everyday life with a little vintage flair. We like the softer tones that tell a pretty story.

How did you learn about photography and post-processing?

We learned about photography and post-processing over time on our own. We began taking photos and enjoyed photos we took that captured a time well. Over time, we began to look at how to take better photos and the post-process. We enjoyed reading about techniques or accessories to help in our photography journey.

What do you shoot with and what is your favorite lens?

The Mrs shoots with a Nikon df and The Mr shoots with a Nikon j1. We started with a Kodak Advantix film point and shoot camera, then a Sony Cyber Shot digital camera, then later Nikon d80 dslr followed by a Nikon d300s. January, 2015, The Mr took The Mrs to the camera store to get the Nikon df, a full-frame camera she had her eyes on for some time. The Mrs likes her lenses for different reasons, but her favorite lens is her 50mm Silver Edition prime lens. Her 70-300mm lens is her next favorite with the df. When she was shooting with her d300s, she liked using her 50mm prime lens and 70-300mm lens followed by her 18-200 lens. She likes capturing details and most often uses her 50mm silver edition prime lens. The Mr likes his 10-30mm lens. He uses it the most out of the three lenses he uses. He likes capturing details as well as landscape scenes.

What do you suggest to others on ways to find light?

Be a light-stalker and find the light. Light is what is captured in photos. Consider the lighting of the situation you are wanting to capture.

What is the most challenging thing you find in photography?

The new things there are to learn, always. When you come to a stopping point in your photography, you find there is something you haven’t tried and that becomes inspiration and growth.

What is something you have learned in your photography?

We have learned more about designing our workflow to our style and making our workflow shine through our moments we capture.

How would you encourage a new photographer? 

Pick up your camera, use it, and think about what type of photos you want to capture. Then, go capture those moments. Allow yourself time to get to know your camera, study the settings, and learn about the post-process so you can look back at those captured moments and enjoy them again. Find another photographer willing to share with you and help you grow in your photography.

What do you love most about photography?

Being behind moments of time captured in everyday life through our lens. Having those times to remember through a photo.

Where do you see photography taking you in five years?

Doing what we love. Making time to capture the everyday details of life that sometimes move too fast so we can have those times to remember.

THANK YOU so much for stopping by to read about The Mr and The Mrs photography journey. We hope this was helpful for you and we hope your journey behind the lens is full of learning and growth!

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